“Express in Time, Premium in Quality”
Oil Changes and the Iron Maintenance Advantage

Oil changes are critical components of any fleet’s preventive maintenance plan. Regularly replacing a truck’s oil increases its efficiency, reliability, and longevity, all of which keeps drivers on the road and earning money. As a leading provider of preventive maintenance that also strives to make drivers’ jobs easier, it’s no surprise that oil changes comprise a large portion of Iron Maintenance’s services.


Bri States-Cannon (left) and the Kansas City Iron crew.

Bri States-Cannon, the Branch Manager for the company’s Kansas City location, explains the reasons why drivers should go to Iron Maintenance for their oil and lube services. What exactly is the Iron advantage? A major one is that it’s powered by Knight-Swift.


“Iron was created to share Knight-Swift’s knowledge and experience with smaller fleet owners and owner operators,” explains Bri. Every service it offers and every product it uses has been thoroughly evaluated, as Knight-Swift worked to build the most cost-effective maintenance plan for its enormous fleet.


This means that when owner operators and small to mid-size fleet owners go to Iron Maintenance, their vehicles receive the same care as those in the industry’s largest full truckload carrier. As Bri notes, “Iron and its customers benefit from the maintenance plan that has kept Knight-Swift profitable for a long time.”


Bri clarifies that cost-effective does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest products. Rather, Knight-Swift—and by extension Iron Maintenance—provides quality products and services that have proven to last longer and get trucks back on the road faster.


“We value driver’s time and want to get them back on the road as soon as possible”


Because of its relationship with Knight-Swift, Iron Maintenance is able to offer its customers an easy and simple approach to oil changes. “It’s pretty cut and dried,” says Bri. “We offer just three types of oil and two types of oil services.” While this may sound limited, a better word is “curated,” since these products have been carefully selected based on Knight-Swift’s extensive experience maintaining its own fleet.


A cost-effective plan also means providing superior services quickly. “We value driver’s time and want to get them back on the road as soon as possible,” says Bri. Using the systems in place for the Knight-Swift fleet, Iron Maintenance is able to complete its premium oil service—changing the oil, filters, fluids, and completing a 12-point inspection—in an hour or less.


Just as important as its relationship to Knight-Swift is a business model that is based on a deep respect for its customers. “We meet our customers where they’re at and give them the information they need without being overbearing or pushy,” says Bri. She notes the importance of being transparent about prices, directly addressing the different business needs of fleet owners and individual drivers, and making it easy for everyone to consistently schedule and receive the services they need. As Bri notes, anyone looking for what is “best for my truck and best for my business” get exactly that at Iron Maintenance.


“Express in time, premium in quality,” is how Bri describes Iron Maintenance’s premium oil service. It is also an apt description of the company’s full list of offerings. With 31 locations nationwide and more set to open soon, Iron Maintenance is on mission to extend big-fleet experience and knowledge to its customers.