We partnered with the best-in-class semi-trailer aerodynamic technology

Iron Truck Services is committed to helping you save money on operating costs and saving the environment from greenhouse gases, which is why we have partnered with FleetAero.

FleetAero’s CARB-approved and EPA Smartway┬«-certified aerodynamic products have a proven record of delivering lower fuel costs, reducing carbon emissions, providing a high return on investment, and helping fleet owners meet their sustainability goals.


By reducing aerodynamic drag, FleetAero’s TrailerBlade Side Skirts can help cut costs by as much as $4,856 per trailer per year, saving up to 600 gallons of fuel.


ECOFLAPS front viewNewly added to the FleetAero line of aerodynamic solutions, ECOFLAPS stand out as the only EPA SmartWay-verified splash guards available in the market. Their energy efficiency and eco-friendly design deliver fuel savings from the time of installation. ECOFLAPS are engineered to withstand harsh road conditions and substantial wear-and-tear, setting an industry benchmark for durability.