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Get competitive discounts on your largest expense with the one card that is welcomed at major truck stops.

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Iron Fuel has an extensive discount network with over 2,500 locations covering your fleet nationwide.

Our partners have rewards programs that provide even more savings with free showers, drinks, meals, merchandise, and more in their stores.


They also provide a wide array of amenities that you won’t find at smaller truck stops, such as scales, game rooms, laundry, check cashing, reserved parking, and more.

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The Iron Fuel Program is FREE TO JOIN, has no contract or application fees, and includes the following benefits:

Thousands of dollars saved
on fuel annually
Credit lines to increase
your cash flow
24/7 FREE fuel card funding
for prepaid accounts
Control and monitor driver
spending online
Fuel tax filing service
and reporting
FREE Fuel Advances on
Knight/Swift Loads

Sign up and save thousands of dollars each year

with the Iron Fuel Program

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