Iron Fuel Card FAQ

Can I use the card if I am not hauling Knight or Swift loads?

Yes. You can use the card on all purchases regardless of who you are hauling for and receive your discount at Speedway, TA, Petro, Love’s, Pilot, and Flying J locations every day.

Can I only purchase fuel with these cards?

The cards can be used for over 50 types of purchases such as fuel, DEF, tires, maintenance and scales. There must be a spending limit set for any purchase type you want to make or the card won’t work.

For example, you can set the diesel limit to be 100 gallons per day per card. This limits the driver from fueling more than 100 in one day. EFS can also set an overall dollar amount limit (referred to as a velocity limit) on each card to control spending without approval. You choose the limits and control when those reset. You are even able to limit what truck stops the driver can fuel up at.

Do I have to add funds to each card?

No. For prepaid accounts, you would fund the account. Each card pulls funds according to the purchase types and limits you have set giving you control of what your drivers can spend. Credit lines are also available if you don’t want to load funds prior to using the cards.

Will I see my discount at the pump?

No. You will see the cash price at the pump, but the discount is immediately applied when you fuel up at Speedway, TA, Petro, Love’s, Pilot, and Flying J locations. If you have a prepaid account, your balance will be deducted at the discounted price, and if you have a credit line, you will be billed at the discounted price. You can track your discounts online through the transaction report.

Can I deposit money codes or express codes I receive from other brokers?

Yes. You can deposit those with the Iron Fuel team 24/7. There is no fee to add these money codes to your EFS account. We provide 5 total options for funding your EFS account. Please see funding methods for details.

Will I receive a bill for the transaction fees?

No. The transaction fees are canceled out by your savings. For example, if you pump 100 gallons with a $0.15 discount off cash posted prices at Speedway, TA, Petro, Love’s, Pilot, and Flying J locations, you will save $15. If your transaction fee is $1, your net savings would be $14 on that transaction.

Is there a smart phone app available to manage my account?

Yes. Download the WEX CardControl app (for drivers) and the EFS CarrierControl (for owners), and you will have access to manage funds, issue cash advances and money codes, perform location overrides, find fueling stations, and get detailed reports. EFS online profile must be completed before signing in to the EFS CarrierControl app.