Spotlight on Laredo Branch Manager Anett Gomez

At Iron Maintenance, our mission is to make it as quick and easy as possible for truck drivers to get the quality products and services they need at wholesale prices. To make this happen, we have an incredible team of branch managers who run our 25 (and growing) locations around the country.


As the Branch Manager for our facility in Laredo, Texas, Anett Gomez demonstrates the strong commitment to customer service that is at the heart of everything we do. One of a handful of women with the experience to do this job, Anett started her position soon after we opened the Laredo location last year. She brought with her a solid history in the transportation sector, where she worked for over a decade in customer service and sales for the Laredo bus system.


From the beginning, Anett knew that in order for the business to succeed, she needed to reach out directly to truck drivers. “It starts with the driver first,” she says. “If a driver says ‘this place is really good,’ then the owner is more likely to send their fleet to our shop.”


Laredo is one of the trucking industry’s busiest areas—it ranks as the number one inland port along the Mexican border and fourth in the nation overall—so there’s a big need for truck maintenance in the area. In order to introduce our Laredo location, Anett went to the places where drivers are often parked, such as laundromats and Walmart parking lots, to put fliers on truck windows and interact directly with potential customers.


“We really value drivers’ time, so we wanted to go to where they are to let them know about us,” says Anett. She emphasizes to drivers how Iron Maintenance can save them time by having the parts they need and getting them back on the road quickly.


Anett says it’s easy to advocate for Iron Maintenance, noting the low labor rates, high quality products, fast service, and wholesale pricing as benefits for both drivers and fleet owners. Under her leadership, our Laredo location has seen a dramatic increase in its customer base, and has become an important provider of truck maintenance in the area.


Thank you Anett for showing that putting drivers’ interests first is a good business model.