How Are Your Wheel Ends Looking?

Make Sure You’re Ready for the 2022 International Roadcheck

For commercial carriers, it can be difficult to fit preventive maintenance into their already busy schedules. Next month’s International Roadcheck is a good reminder for them to get their vehicles in top shape now so they can avoid unnecessary delays (or fines) later. Taking place May 17-19, this year’s event prioritizes the safety of wheel end components, which include wheels, rims, hubs, and tires.


According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), which has organized International Roadcheck since 1988, problems with wheel ends have accounted for about a quarter of all vehicle out-of-service (OOS) violations discovered during the more than 1.4 million safety inspections conducted. These components are critical for braking, stability, and control, and failure in any one of them can be disastrous.


Increased stopping distance, decreased braking power, abnormal side pull, wheel lockup, and skidding are all signs that wheel end components may need to be replaced. The purpose of regular inspections and preventive maintenance is to find any problems before they get to this point and impact a driver’s ability to safely maneuver their vehicle. CVSA has published a helpful checklist to help carriers conduct their own proactive inspections before the May event.


For anyone unfamiliar with International Roadcheck, it is an annual three-day safety event during which CVSA-certified inspectors in Mexico, Canada, and the United States perform thousands of commercial vehicle inspections. According to CVSA, the 72-hour event is “the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world,” with nearly 15 truck or bus inspections happening every minute.


Last year, CVSA conducted over 40,000 inspections at weigh stations, roadsides, and designated sites. While the vast majority of these revealed no OOS violations, inspectors did have to issue 6,710 OOS violations for commercial motor vehicles, and an additional 2,080 for drivers. These vehicles and drivers had to be removed from the road until the violations were corrected.


While wheel ends are this year’s focus, the North American Standard Level I Inspection that will be performed at most of these stops will thoroughly review all aspects of a vehicle and all driver operating requirements. In other words, now is the time for carriers to thoroughly inspect their rigs and address any potential problems they find.


Iron Maintenance is here to help drivers as they prepare for International Roadcheck. Whether it’s scheduling a free DOT inspection or replacing worn tires at one of our many nationwide locations, our customers can expect expert care, wholesale prices, and quick turn-around so they can safely get back on the road.


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