Welcome U.S. Xpress carriers to the Iron Fuel Program

Save an average of 45¢ per gallon*, which is about
$8,000 per truck annually.

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* Discounts fluctuate daily and average savings per gallon will vary based on where you fuel up

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5-star approvals for iron fuel program
“Great communication, easy hassle free service… highly recommended!!!”
5-star approvals for iron fuel program
“​​I love love love my fuel cards. I have them for my company, and ever since joining them, they have been nothing but the best.”
5-star approvals for iron fuel program
“From the fast callbacks to the shipping of the extra fuel cards everything has been outstanding!”

Why the Iron Fuel Card?

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Save Thousands

The average card holder saves $8,000 per truck per year.

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Free to Join

Free to sign up with no contract or annual fees.

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2,500+ U.S. Locations

Discounts at more major truck stops than other fuel cards.

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Earn Rewards and Save Even More

On top of discounts at over 2,500 truck stops, our partners’ reward programs provide even more savings.


Earn free showers, drinks, meals, merchandise, and more!


And get access to reserved parking, scales, game rooms, check cashing, laundry, and more amenities that you won’t find at smaller truck stops.

Iron Fuel Card Details

  • Credit or Prepaid card options
  • Credit lines to increase your cash flow
  • 24/7 FREE fuel card funding for prepaid accounts
  • Control and monitor spending online
  • Fuel tax filing service and reporting
  • FREE Fuel Advances on Knight/Swift Loads
EFS WEX CardControl App

Iron Fuel + WEX app

Find the best fuel prices in our network of over 2,500 partners nationwide. Or find the best price along your route.

Sign Up For the Iron Fuel Card to Save Thousands This Year

Fill out the form to get your fuel savings quote and all the information you need to get started with your credit or prepaid Iron Fuel Card.


If you would like to speak directly to an Iron Fuel representative for assistance, please call:
(888) 557-0777

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